Smart structure

NEST is more than a brand-new residence hall: it is a smart, complete answer to the needs of all students eager to make the most out of their academic experience.

All bedrooms, single and double, feature contemporary furnishing, private bathroom, building automation system and ample space to study.

Spacious common areas are especially designed to create a positive studying environment and also endless opportunities for interaction, relax and entertainment.

  • Small group study rooms and lounges on every floor.
  • Classroom: spacious, technology equipped room for classes, workshops, and training activities.
  • Library: boardroom of the residential hall, suitable for study groups, meetings and tutoring activities.
  • Conference room: holds up to 200 guests, designed as a venue to host major events (meetings, debates, film clubs, NEST programmes and activities, and also events created by local institutions and associations open to the community).
  • TV lounge: Sky and Mediaset Premium service available. The right place to sit back and relax watching TV together, while those who wish to study can do so undisturbed.
  • Garden: spacious, safe and private green area to be enjoyed by our guests 24/7.
  • Gym: located in the basement, it offers ample room for exercise, cardio machines and changing rooms.
  • Cooking corner: two fully-equipped cooking areas for students (who are also members of the Cooking Club) to prepare their own meals when RistoNest is not open.
  • Club room / music room: meeting point for members of NEST Clubs to pursue their passions. It features complete professional audio equipment and drum kit for bands /musicians.
  • Laundry room: equipped with washing machines, coin-operated dryers, drying racks and ironing board.
  • RistoNest: open-kitchen self-service restaurant, serves up to 250 students.
  • Guest house: in the annex (Palazzina), two rooms are available to accommodate university guests (particularly University of Trento visiting professors, researchers and Ph.D. students).








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logo nstudentato trento colorato
Studentato Nest
Via dei Solteri 97 
38121 Trento - Italia

T. + 39 0461 959505
Studentato Nest
Via dei Solteri 97 
38121 Trento - Italia

T. + 39 0461 959507